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July 2020 Blog Income Report – $4,235.34

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This month felt like a second wind for me. At least, the second half of this month did. I’ll be honest, the amount of work needing to be done to manage all of these sites was starting to become a little overwhelming.

FUN, but overwhelming. I actually LOVE the whole blogging process and would rather blog than watch TV, for example.

Overall, in spite of traffic still being down at a few sites, income is up, albeit ever so slightly. That’s actually a good thing because last month was the end of the quarter so ad RPM’s were higher.

Graph Showing Blog Pageviews Over Time in July 2020
Total Pageviews Over Time

July having more income than June was reassuring to me. If I can just keep that needle moving forward, even if slightly, that will be a good thing.

πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ My First Full-Time Hire πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

After my last round of hiring writers (learn about that process here), the content was starting to flow pretty steadily but I wasn’t able to keep up and do all of the other things I wanted to get done.

It was finally time to outsource some work and hire a full-time VA. My tasks were already in ClickUp so adding someone in and divvying up the work. The hiring process for a VA was much more intense.

I used and found a few great candidates. I’m working on a separate post with details of the hiring and screening process. The end result, though, was that I now have help in the form of a full-time VA helping 40 hours per week and a part-time Graphic Designer 20 hours per week.

πŸ“°New this Month πŸ“°

  • Hired a VA & Graphic Designer – This round my team out to 3 admin type hires. One VA working 5 hours a week on Pinterest Pins, the new VA to help with all things publishing and new site setups, and the Graphic Designer helping me with a line of products to debut.
  • Bought More Domains – I really enjoy finding and buying domain names. I think the total is somewhere around 22. The goal with these is to get 5 – 10 posts each on them for now (over the next few months) and then probably pick a few to move forward with and a few to sell as starter sites.
  • New Site Launch πŸ“ – This site is in the sewing niche. The first article was published July 27. I briefly debated holding the content back until August but decided to throw it up anyway. The reality is that not all blogs start on the first of the month.

πŸ—  July 2020 Basic Stats πŸ— 

43 Posts Published

  • 36 Response Posts
  • 6 Staple Posts
  • 2 Pillar Posts

68,539 words published

3 Products – $138.80 in Product sales.

10 Active Sites

  • 250,784 (down from 250,981)
  • 210,208 Sessions (up from 208,714)
  • 186,942 Organic Pageviews (up from 182,619)

πŸ’° July 2020 Income for My Sites πŸ’°

Total Gross Revenue for July 2020: $4,235.34

Keep in mind this is money earned, NOT received, in the month of July.

πŸ’Έ July Blogging ExpensesπŸ’Έ

  • Virtual Assistants – $208.64
  • Graphic Design – $77.00
  • Domain Names – $409.10
  • Hosting – $111.90
  • – $31.45
  • Pin Template Starter Kit – $15.00 (but this link has 10 free!)
  • PicMonkey – $12.99
  • Canva – $17.69 (my VA and I are now on a Team plan)
  • SEM Rush – $99.95
  • Manage WP – $24.64
  • SendOwl – $24.00
  • Zapier – $24.99
  • GeniusLink – $5.00
  • Education – $182.00
  • – $69
  • HP Instant Ink – $5.46
  • Microsoft – $6.99

Total Expenses: $1,325.80

Net Blogging Income for July: $2,909.54

July Content Expenses

Content expenses are up significantly from last month which was just $390.04. My new writers are working well in the system and I plan on onboarding a few more in August as well.

  • Upwork – $1,362.89

Net Income after content investment: $1,546.65

Net income is up compared to last month, in spite of almost a $1,000 increase for writer costs and this being a big month for GoDaddy expenses due to domain name purchases. I expected the increase though as June had several large ticket items.

Blog Income Screenshots

screenshot of july 2020 blog income from mediavine
screenshots of amazon blog income for july 2020
sendowl blog income for july 2020

Note: This profit shown is not accurate. I do have affiliates for these products but also set up my main site as an “affiliate” so that I an accurately track sales and attribute the income to the correct site.

2020 blog income report showing income from ezoic ads

Blog Traffic Reports

NSP1 πŸΉ – 5.94% Decrease in Sessions!

Last month this site had an increase of 5.21% and this month we see a decrease just over that. It’s a big site that hasn’t had a lot of content added to it plus, I haven’t been as active with Pinterest as I normally am.

All in all I’m not too worried about it. I did add quite a few articles to the site this month and I’ll work to keep adding content though this site would probably cap at around 400 – 500 articles.

In spite of a 10k pageview drop from the last two months, the site still earned more in July than it did in May which I think is great.

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue
I know the math here doesn’t quite add up. I am going through and updating posts as I have time, sometimes that means a post gets deleted. It’s also possible my numbers got a little off at some point but, there are 294 articles on the site right now.

View the detailed profile for this site here.

NSP 2 πŸ’² – 14.30% Increase in Sessions

personal finance blog traffic report

Last month this site was down 6% so I’ll take a 14% increase this month! Organic traffic is also up by 8%.

This site gets the biggest influx of visitors and, therefore income, around the first of the year. My graphic designer and I will be working on some concepts for some products for this site soon!

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue

View the profile for this site here.

NSP 3 πŸ‘ β€“ 12.56% Increase in Sessions 

This site is starting to see a nice recovery from the tail end of the drop off that happened due to a post that kind of went viral. I am hoping the increase this month means that the downward trend is over and traffic is normalizing.

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue

I left extra months in the table here so you can see the unnatural jump from 23k to 150k visitors in a single month.

View the profile for this site here.

NSP 4 πŸΎ – 9.68% Decrease in Sessions

Once again this site has a decrease in sessions. While not as huge as last month’s decrease of 30%, I really need to take a look at what is going on here and see if there is anything I should be doing other than content.

In August I’ll spend some time getting this site more established on Pinterest which should help with traffic. Thanks to the P24 Dashboard I can quickly identify the posts that have lost the most traffic. I’ll troubleshoot those first and see if I can use Pinterest to boost their rankings.

pets2 traffic analysis p24 dashboard
Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue

View the profile for this site here.

NSP 5 πŸ˜ β€“ 54.25% Increase in Sessions πŸ•

Look who is finally all grown up and finally hit Pizza day! πŸ• I added a few more articles this month, as well as Ezoic ads. I am on the fence as to what to do with this site. I am thinking of selling it but my price tag would be around $1,500 at this point which is more than it’s “valuation” at $180ish if we do 30 x Revenue.

I’m still undecided. This site could be huge and the domain name leaves it open to being able to expand in a wide variety of content niches aside from “animals” which is what I am adding to it.

I may just write up some other content to add like travel, outdoor sports, etc and see where that goes.

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue

View the profile for this site here.

NSP 6 πŸ¦” – 6.71% Decrease in Sessions

Last month this project saw almost a 60% increase in sessions. This month we’re seeing a decrease of 6.71%. Because the site is still under 500 pageviews per month, the percentage increase or decrease is big.

I have had several new pins created for this site that I just need to get scheduled. Hopefully, Pinterest traffic will help get this site moving in a more forward direction again.

I added Ezoic ads this month so at least now it’s earning the tiniest bit of income!

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue

View the profile for this site here.

NSP 7 πŸ‘Ά β€“ Not Forgotten

My parenting blog is not a focus right now. Traffic is crazy low. I haven’t added a post in over a year. At some point I might do something about it but now is not that point. Just adding it in here so you weren’t wondering how we went from project 6 – 8.

NSP 8 πŸ§° – 67% Increase in Sessions

Last month this site was almost 11% down in sessions, this month its 67% up. The reality is that it is still under 200 pageviews which means we are still right smack in the middle of the sandbox.

I have a few more posts that need to get added to this site. I didn’t quite make my goal of publishing 8 posts in July (no new articles added this month) so I need to get caught up on editing and get those articles posted.

I did add Ezoic this month so we saw our first trickle of revenue for the site! Not quite Pizza day but it is better than $0.

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue

View the profile for this site here.

πŸͺ‘ NSP 9 – 14.69% Increase in Sessions πŸ•

This site is plugging along nicely. This has been a great site as far as showing me if I apply my skills AND get the content up on the site fairly early, I can see success quicker. At least in this case.

This site had a ton of content added this month (it’s pretty popular with my writers). Ezoic ads also went up which knocked this site squarely into πŸ• Pizza day!!

Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue
* Adjusted for Bot/Spam Traffic

This site is another great Pinterest niche. I’ve added a few before but now that there is more content I can get a pinning schedule going.

View the profile for this site here.

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  1. Hi april, I have seen your success story on income school channel and im impressed. I have a problem with multiple tracking codes, How can i sort that?

    1. I have had this problem a few times and I just go through my plugins and remove analytics codes one by one. I’ve never had more than two so it is usually just a matter of picking where you want the analytics code to be and removing any other ones.

  2. April, well done! Keep at it, you are motivating us all! Great job, very inspiring πŸ™‚

  3. Hi April. I saw your success story on the income school youtube channel. You are extremely motivating. The fact that you produce 90% of your rev through display ads is just the icing on the cake for me. I own 4 blogs, I plan on using the remaining time of this year to build 2 of the 4 blogs out to 90 post each. then add another 90 post to both over the course of January to May. I find it tough to stay motivated thought but your proof th dedication pays off. Thankyou so much

    1. Thanks, Thearon. I love the ads model because it allows me to build multiple sites without having to be actively engaged with the audience. I am loving it for multiple streams of income!

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