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Niche Site Project 5: Animals

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My problem with keyword research is that I find so many good ones I think, wow, I need to build a site for that. And then I do.

If you haven’t noticed by looking at my other niche sites, I am an animal lover. Always have been, always will be. In fact, I was a pre-vet student for my undergraduate work and my graduate work was in animal reproduction.

So, for this site, I focus on animals in general. Mostly wild animals, but the domain name is wide enough to allow me some flexibility to cover other aspects of nature besides animals.

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Year in Review

June 2022 Analytics

This site is performing well and I’ve recently decided to expand the content area for it as a result. The domain can accommodate any range of outdoor topics including nature, hiking, camping, travel, etc.

As such, I have plans to add two new silos with 50 posts each. From there, I’ll continue to monitor and see what happens.

2019 Analytics Overview

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  1. Why is a site that’s 18 months old only making $26.91? :/ And it has 60 posts.

    1. I think it is a combination of a few factors here but probably the two most important are the fact that I didn’t add articles to this site consistently. It didn’t even have 30 articles until month 15. That means a lot of the content is new and hasn’t had a chance to age. Combine that with the horrible RPM’s the site is getting from Ezoic and that’s pretty much the answer. This site has the potential to be a mega site but, until it gets on Mediavine I don’t expect it to earn much. What is important is that I am seeing month over month growth which, for me, is great for a site that isn’t my focus.

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