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The process of blogging, and actually earning income from it, has been an absolutely crazy adventure for me. I’m still learning new things every week but am very comfortable that the methods I have learned will equal results in the form of traffic, and ultimately income.

I attribute my success to hard work implementing the things I learned from the Project24 Course put out by Income School. It is the one course that made the biggest difference for me.

On this blog, I publish income reports for each of my blogs. Each one focuses on a specific niche. Some are a very broad topic, and some are comparatively narrow.

I use this blog as a way to document my progress, track my goals, and hopefully inspire others by showing how a “real” person has succeeded with earning income from blogging.

This page is going to serve as the income report “hub”. I think a lot of people wonder how blogs progress as far as income. How long does it take, that kind of thing.

While I can’t guarantee results for anyone, or tell you how long it will take, I can share some of that information here.

In every case, my blog income skyrockets as soon as I add a premium ad network. For me, that means signing up for Ezoic (affiliate link) as soon as a site is eligible.

In this table, hyperlinks go to the income report for that specific month when available. I started this blog later in my journey so not all months have income reports. If a cell is completely empty, that blog hadn’t been created yet. A zero means no income.

Best viewed on a desktop. The table does not scale well on mobile.

Emoji Key

💰 = The month that blog signed on with a premium publisher. Sites with a second emoji switched ad networks (usually Ezoic -> Mediavine)

🏆 = The trophy icon signals the month a site reached 100,000 page views for the first time. Two trophies (🏆🏆), 200,000, etc.

Month StartNSP1NSP2NSP3NSP4NSP5NSP6NSP7NSP8NSP9NSP10BOTRAlpine RibbonCrooked KnightCrazy FoxtailSweet MeadowStealthy TigerSilent CandyShiny GeyserQuiet MagpieOrange FalconMoon RoseJungle BiscuitInfinite TowerGreen DarlingGrave StarlightGorgeous LillyDusty BagpipeDigital RainbowCuddly WizardCrusty CrystalAwkward HoundGrand Total


  • NSP 1 is a 10-year-old domain I have used off and on but only started looking into building it out for income in March of 2018. That is why income tracking starts there.
  • NSP 2 I purchased as an aged domain. Added content from March 2019 – June 2019 and then let it sit. I just started to revisit the blog in December.
  • NSP 3 & 6 – Brand new domain straight out of GoDaddy.
  • NSP 4 & 8 – These were aged domains purchased at GoDaddy Auction. The previous niche for #4 was absolutely not related to pets. The niche for #8 is consistent with the current site but it wasn’t active for many years before I purchased the domain.
  • NSP 7 – I bought this aged domain in March 2019 along with NSP 2 and put some content on it then let it sit from June 2019 – January 2020. In January I found a blogger that was looking for a parenting blog, we talked back and forth, discussed a price, but the sale didn’t go through because the other blogger was worried the site might have trouble ranking on Pinterest due to me not obtaining the original Pinterest account from the previous owner. While I didn’t really want to do anything with this blog, now I see it as a challenge so I added it back in and at some point I’ll formulate a content plan for it.
  • NSP 9 – New niche site in the Home & Garden Space.
  • NSP 10 – Coming Soon (Maybe June 2020, we’ll see!)
  • About the Numbers – These numbers are generally accurate, I keep an extensive spreadsheet but I’m human too. I try to keep it as accurate and straight forward as possible.