Income Report Overview

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  • Mega Site Case Study
    So I did a thing…I bought my first site. When Carl Broadbent‘s email came through about him selling his Mega Site, I thought, what a perfect opportunity for me to get my … Read more
  • Mega Site Case Study – Jan 2023
    January is month one for this case study. Since the site was purchased, my team and I will be busy the rest of this month just getting things setup the way we … Read more
  • July 2022 Blog Income Report
    This month was a blur for sure. My team and I are working hard on developing a new editor hiring process and that has been challenging for a few reasons including: My … Read more
  • June 2022 Blog Income Report – $15,218.14
    Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted an income report. When things get busy, writing these go down to the bottom of the list. In June, I noticed my income … Read more
  • How I Actively Build Multiple Content Sites
    Recently in the Project 24 forum, a fellow publisher asked how I actively build multiple content sites. While the total number of sites has increased to more than 35 sites now, the … Read more
  • October 2021 Blog Income Report
    SO…the text version of the report is coming at some point, in the mean time, I made a video this month.