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So I did a thing…I bought my first site.

When Carl Broadbent‘s email came through about him selling his Mega Site, I thought, what a perfect opportunity for me to get my feet wet with buying a site. I got the site at what I consider a bargain, considering the amount of content on it.

Carl and I both have experience in building websites, but we each have our own unique approaches. I already have several changes planned for this site and I’m excited to see how they impact traffic (positively or negatively).

Case Study Updates

One of the things I’ve been bad about doing for most of my sites is documenting what I am doing with them. I’m going to try and be better about that both for the reader as well as for myself, being able to look back and remember what I’ve done and when.

UpdateSummaryRevenueBlog Post
Jan 2023Purchased domain on 1/11/2023. Changed from Oxygen theme to Popcorn theme.Jan (In Progress)
Feb 2023
Mar 2023
Apr 2023
May 2023


Carl started planning for this site 2 years ago and I can see in WordPress that the first content started to be added 4th Quarter of 2020. That makes the site just about 2 full years old.

You can check out Carl’s Playlist here:

Analytics History

These are the stats from Jan 1, 2022 – Dec 31, 2022:

Screenshot of Google Analytics showing 36k users over 1 y ear time frame.

Here is 2022 compared to 2023:

Screenshot same as above, showing analytics for 1 year time frame as compared to previous year. Image shows site had a 325% increase in users in 2022 compared to 2021.

We can see most of the traffic has been organic, which is great!

Screenshot of googl analytics traffic acquisition report showing the following breakdown of user traffic for 2022:
Organic Search - 32,791
Direct - 2,824
Referral - 151
Unassigned - 248
Organic Social - 248

Sessions are my main concern, because they are Mediavine’s main concern which is the ultimate goal for this site. Here is session data:

Screenshot of Google Analytics showing last 30 days sessions at 5.1k, a 5.8% increase over the previous 30 days.
Last 30 Days Sessions – Dec 12, 2022 – Jan 10, 2023

Search Console History

In Google Search console we can see that there has been a general upward trend, with possibly some seasonality but I’ll have to dive into that a bit deeper.

Google Search Console Screenshot for the year 2022 showing 23.4k total clicks, 760k total impressions, 3.1% average ctr and 21.3 average position.

Here is the last 3 months year over year to show how it has performed in 2022 vs. 2021

Screenshot from Google Search Console showing last 3 months year over year. Hover detail shows 2,451 Impressions on December 9 2022 vs 825 on the same date in 2021. Also shows 65 clicks on 12/9/2022 vs 32 clicks on 12/9/2021

One of the things Carl talked about in a few of his videos about this site was issues with the site not indexing on Google. This isn’t something I look at routinely for any of my sites but I grabbed a screenshot just to keep a record here:

The site currently has over 300 pages so, clearly, some are not being indexed.

Ahref’s Data

Ahref’s has been my SEO tool of choice for the past year and I know some people use the metrics religiously. I think the data can be useful so here are the stats as of today:

  • DR – 2.4
  • UR – 3.4
  • Backlinks – 303
  • Referring Domains – 191
  • Keywords – 1,350
  • Traffic – 1,149

And for good measure, the MOZ DA is currently 11.

General Thoughts / Action Plan

  • I’ll create a draft post here each month and add information to it as I work on the site.
  • At the end of each month I’ll provide update traffic and revenue.
  • Maybe I’ll do some videos…we’ll see.

Do you have any questions, thoughts, advice? Drop a comment!

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