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The overall idea for this site is to have home and garden content (if you hadn’t guessed already). I’m starting with gardening content first. I have to figure out what “silo” to target after that.

This site could be potentially huge, but it does have some areas it could overlap with my other sites as well. This could be good or bad. It might be fun to experiment with.

Aged Domain

One of my favorite things to do is browse GoDaddy auctions for expired domain names. This is a great way to think of new niches and ideas, or to find a great aged domain for a niche you want to be in.

In fact, lately I’ve been doing this more and more. Now, don’t get me wrong, the process isn’t easy. You have to be careful not to buy a domain name that has been used for spam, adult content, or previously used black hat techniques.

If the domain is clean, and has some age to it, I have a theory that it can help you get out of the sandbox quicker than a “new” domain. So that is what I did here. I bought a domain that had a clean history and a MOZ domain authority of 16.

Now, doing this isn’t necessary. In fact, NSP3 is a domain I was the first to register and it had no trouble climbing through the ranks. Right now my domains are about 50/50 aged vs. brand new. So I definitely see success both ways.


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Hi, my name is April, and I have a domain name problem. I think of an idea, I buy a domain name, and sometimes I build a website for it. That's what happened on this site, and for all of the other ones I talk about here. I'm not an expert but I'm happy to share what has worked for me!

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