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Niche Site Project 2: Personal Finance

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This is the home page for my Niche Site Project 2. This site focuses on personal finance and budgeting.

This page is meant to be just a general overview. In 2021 I am really trying to focus on monetizing this site through products. There is a huge potential and I have hired a graphic designer part time to work on digital products for this and some of my other sites.

ProjectMonth StartMonth ## Articles AddedTotal # ArticlesWords PublishedPageviewsTotal Earnings

2022 Overview

Wow, for not having gotten practically any new content since 2020, this site is still chugging along. Funny thing is, I do have a passion for the subject matter of this site but, I haven’t figured out how to outsource the work for it. That means that it gets put on the back burner.

That being said, traffic is down significantly over last year. I relate that to two main factors:

  • No New Content
  • Pinterest Traffic is down

OK, so I’ll admit the bigger of the two issues is that I’m not posting. However, that does mean that since 2020 this site has served me some very passive income which is nice.

I’d like to imagine I would get to this site this year but, the reality is that is not likely to happen. Instead, I can ask my team to focus on:

  • Adding Webstories to each post.
  • Interlinking posts.

2019 Analytics Overview

Clicking on the image opens it larger in a new tab.

2019 Total Income

The year ended with a bang as far as income. Total 2019 income is $425.31.

December 2019 Notes

Wow has this month been a whirlwind for this site!

Let’s just say things have really skyrocketed. I put all of the details in this month’s income report.

October 2019 Notes

This site has been hit or miss for me. You see, I purchased the domain for quite a bit in a domain auction and truly love working on the site. But, it is in a YMYL niche.

At the time, I believed buying an aged domain was the best way to go about things. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the reality is I probably haven’t put enough work into this site to keep it alive.

The fact of the matter is, I can’t even remember the last time I emailed the subscribers let alone checked how many there are.

While the site gets OK traffic and even earns some money each month, I am having a hard time finding queries I think I can rank for.

The good thing, though, is that I have made a lot of free downloadable printables for the site which does bring in some traffic.

Not sure what I want to do here to get things rolling.

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I keep an up to date list of all of the tools and resources I use to manage my blogs, including how I create the awesome dashboards in my income reports, on my Tools and Resources page.

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    1. No I don’t do any backlink building but I do very occasionally respond to HARO requests.

      1. last few question which plugins do you use ?
        what is your mobile and desktop speed when using ad different networks?
        which hosting and package do you use?
        did any of your website hit from may and december update?

        1. Hi Mr. Jack.

          My plugins vary from site to site. I’ll try and add a list of them to my resources page this week. Mobile and Desktop speed are different and my Mediavine sites are the fastest. I include information about my host on my resources page. I have not had a site hit by an algorithm update but, of course, that is always a possibility.

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