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Niche Site Project 8

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It’s finally time for this site to get a page of its own! Debuting in March of 2020, this site focuses on the DIY / Home Improvement niche. This niche is notorious for being difficult to get into. I mean, when you are competing with the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, it kind of makes sense.

For this site I did 100% of the keyword research myself and then outsourced 50 articles to TextGoods. That content is all published now and I am starting to have my team produce content now.

My team has now taken over publishing the rest of the content on the site and we’re doing great, but still not publishing at the speed I would like so in May 2022 I purchased ~45 posts from a content company and hope to have all of those published by the end of June 2022.

Overall this site could be big so the goal is just a steady stream of content here on out. Because the niche is so competitive finding those keywords is pretty tough but, we’ll keep on truckin!

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