Niche Site Project 6 – December 2019 – Month 1

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New this month! I have a domain problem. I know I do and I cope with that by building out domains.

At some point, I’ll probably sell off a few and focus but, for now, I have more ideas than I have time for. I have managed, though, to carve out some time to invest in building out this site.

This is the only fancy image for this site. It’s brand new. There isn’t really anything to see here yet!

Fun Facts

  • I have owned this domain since August 2019.
  • I have 3 articles on the site as of now.
  • I have invested $57.94 in writers for 2 of those 3 articles.
  • I wrote one article myself (all 2453 words)


Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue


Month# Posts AddedTotal Posts# Words AddedPageviewsRevenue


My goal with this site is to make lots and lots of money.

But, seriously, this is destined to be a mega site and could potentially accommodate 10,000 posts easily. I’m looking at it as a long-term project.

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Hi, my name is April, and I have a domain name problem. I think of an idea, I buy a domain name, and sometimes I build a website for it. That's what happened on this site, and for all of the other ones I talk about here. I'm not an expert but I'm happy to share what has worked for me!

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