January 2020 Niche Site Project 4

Niche Site Project 4 – January 2020 Update

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Project Dashboard

The dashboard for this project is starting to get a little more flushed out. The oldest post is now 4 months old so I went ahead and set up that section.

It has also earned it’s first tiny bit of income! A whopping $1.16.

Still, it’s nice to see this baby site starting to get it’s wings!


The traffic increase this month has been awesome! Last month this site closed out at 354 page views. This month it hit 1,024. Nearly triple in just one month!

The comparison report between this month and last month is equally impressive. While I know that percentage increase numbers are huge because the starting numbers are so small, it is still impressive to see numbers like these on an analytics report.


This month I was able to get the site going with AdSense. That went live on January 23 so, just about 8 days total on AdSense. Not bad! The site should hit Pizza day πŸ• no problem next month!


Last month my goal was to publish 4 posts to this site. That was a fail.

This month, my goals are:

  • Publish 10 posts
  • Qualify the site for Ezoic

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