Niche Site Project 2 – March 2020 Update

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This site continued to sit on the back burner this month as far as content. My audience expects one post a month for the monthly challenge, and I did get that published, but otherwise not much is new here.

Project Dashboard

Page views and income are both continuing to plummet for this site. That is part my fault, I need to add more content and be more hands on than I have been.

I think it is also part the comparison period. If you ignored the spike over the new year period, the blog is actually still up from where it started.


Each moth the traffic spikes around the first of the month, or whenever I send out my newsletter email and start pinning my challenge pins. Then it tapers off.

And here is that decline I was talking about.

On the bright side, though, If I compare this months stats to the stats from November 2019, before the big spike in December due to New Years, I’m up over 100% on all metrics. So I can’t be too hard on myself!


Income of $142.80 for the month came solely from Mediavine ads. There were no Amazon sales or other income.

Goals for April

I’m not sure where I want to go with this site. I do have some content ideas for the month so what I’d love is to challenge myself to post four new posts on this site this month.

This is also the site I want to use to build my YouTube channel, so I need to get together a list of video post ideas and start getting those published. The good news is, I have readers asking for specific videos, so I could do ten off the bat with no research.

The topics are easy, I just know I need to be consistent once I do start publishing to YouTube.

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