Niche Site Project 3 – March 2020 Update

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This month the blog is really starting to take off. I am hoping this is the start of the month over month exponential growth my other sites see once they get off the ground.

Project Dashboard

Content & Income

I’m starting to add more and more topics to this site. My writers seem to enjoy the topic (as do I) and slowly, but surely, the article count is increasing.

This month 5 articles were added and I’m hoping to increase that number to at least 20 in April.

This month income has been awesome. The breakdown of income for this site is:

  • Ezoic Ads – $169.89
  • Amazon – $43.80

I have a few ideas for posts I think will do well on Amazon. I also need to take some time and continue to focus on growing the Pinterest account for this site. I’ve started doing some stuff but I haven’t been consistent about it.


Last month I set a goal of 7,500 sessions for the month. I figured that was reasonable since I had reached almost 6,000 sessions the month before.

WOW did I reach that and more!

Some of this traffic is seasonal due to spring time. And some specifically related to Easter so while I expect traffic to increase again in April, I’m not sure how things will do in May / June.

A 200% increase though, I’ll take it!

In fact, this site now qualifies for Mediavine. That being said, because of the current climate, I’m going to leave it with Ezoic for now for two reasons:

  1. I want to see how a site does long term with Ezoic.
  2. I don’t want to have to wait 3 months for income payouts from Mediavine.


I’m going to be SUPER optimistic here and set a goal for 30,000 sessions next month. I hit 20,000 this month, up from just over 6,000 so why not go big.

The reality is I know that I can’t directly control sessions or pageviews anyway. All I can do is challenge myself to publish more content, which equals more hooks for Google to throw out to catch visitors for my site.

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