Niche Site Project 2 – February 2020 Update

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I didn’t do much with this site this month. I managed to get out a post for my monthly series but even that was under 500 words so I feel like it almost doesn’t count.

Project Dashboard

We can see that income has taken a huge dive. As you will see in a minute, that is going to be related to two things. RPM’s also taking a dive, and traffic from the first of the year “New Years Resolutions” also plummeting.

I’ll know in a few months if I can get my RPM’s back to what they were with Ezoic. I think there are two main things I have to consider here.

  • I switched ad providers mid-month. That means that the advertisers for the new ad provider, Mediavine, need to get used to my sites traffic / user mix. Once they do, my RPM’s should go up.
  • Ad revenue was going to decrease from the holiday rush. I had some days during the Christmas season that RPM’s were $50 or more per day. Not so much anymore. I’ll continue to watch how things progress.


Traffic this month is way down. I really need to create some more evergreen content for this niche but, traffic is still up from where I started before the New Years’ rush.

This month compared to last month:

This month compared to November, before the New Year’s traffic spike. You can see here that traffic is still WAY up in comparison. While it may seem like the blog is backsliding, the reality is that a large component of the site is seasonal and the season is over.


Income this month came from the following sources:

  • Ezoic – $59.38
  • Mediavine – $175.50
  • Amazon – $0.86
  • Adsense – $0.12

Total Earnings – $235.86


Last month my goals were:

  • Switch email providers from ConvertKit to FloDesk (affiliate link) ❌ FAIL
  • Switch themes on the site. πŸ† WIN
  • Switch over from Ezoic to Mediavine πŸ† WIN
  • Publish 2 new posts. ❌ FAIL

This month’s goals are to:

  • Finish my product and get it live on the site.

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