Niche Site Project 3 – January 2020 Update

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I’m still having a lot of fun with this site though I am struggling to find the time to write for it myself. This month I hired out three posts and was able to write one myself.

Project Dashboard

Content and Income

This month I only added 4 new posts but, thanks to the hard work I put in, Income is up exponentially. Last month the total income was only $3.76 and this month it’s at $76.66.

Part of that income is due to a very large purchase someone made on Amazon. It was an almost $500 product one of my posts recommended. The commission on that was around $30!

The other part of that income is thanks to ads from Ezoic which started on January 11th. This month’s ad revenue was $34.81 from Ezoic and $0.78 for the first ten days of the month when the site was still on Adsense.

In fact, 10 days on Adsense netted me $0.78. From the 11th – 31st, my ad revenue from Ezoic exceeded that on a daily basis.

If you haven’t yet, you should totally look into signing up. I am an affiliate, so if you are interested I’d love for you to use this link to sign up.


Traffic, let’s talk about that!

Slow but steady wins the race. Last month I had 1,719 total sessions. I decided to set my session goal for January at 3,000 sessions.

You might be wondering how I reached that number? I looked at 1,719 and thought….wow that is cool, it’s more than 1,500. What if I reached double 1,500 next month. And, so, 3,000 sessions became the goal.

Goal – Met!

Over 100% growth across the board. No matter how many times it happens, I continue to be impressed.

I struggled for so long before finding the Project 24 course that I still am amazed at how quickly these new blogs take off with just great content.


I didn’t have any goals for this site last month other than to hit Ezoic ASAP which was a win.

For February, my goals are:

  • Add at least 15 new posts.
  • Compile a list of at least 100 topics to write on.
  • Hit 5,000 sessions.

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