Niche Site Project 4 – December 2019 Update

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This is my experiment site. This site has almost all outsourced content as well as an outsourced keyword list. The site focuses on one specific type of farm animal.

Basically, I used two services. One person who made a 30 post content plan and another service to write those 30 posts.

My initial plan is to just let the site sit and see what happens. Mostly because that allows me to focus on other projects.

Project Dashboard

I haven’t set up a project dashboard for this site yet because it is so new. The first article went up on September 28. The site has barely had 3 full months of existence.


This site now has 32 total posts. Even though I paid for and received all content awhile ago, I just finished posting the last of it this month.

30 articles were obtained from Text Goods. (<–Not an affiliate link)

Dane and his team did a great job and I recommend them if you want to get a site going quickly.

Hopefully, that means that the site will continue on an upward trend.

Clicking on the image opens it larger in a new tab.

Using the Project 24 method I have a pretty even distribution of posts on this site. There are

  • 11 Response Posts
  • 11 Staple Posts
  • 10 Pillar Posts
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Traffic is really starting to increase on this site. As of this month, I’m seeing a huge growth which means Google is starting to pick up the site. This is a good thing and, hopefully, it will continue on this trend.

Seasonality is a factor for this site and there should be more interest in the spring when all the babies are born. Only time will tell if that is the case.

Clicking on the image opens it larger in a new tab.
Clicking on the image opens it larger in a new tab.


This site is not monetized yet.


For at least the next couple of months the goal is to just add 4 new posts per month. That is about 1 a week, though I am not going to worry about when they go up. so long as the content is being added.

My thought behind this is just to trickle in content to keep the site “alive” and growing.

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