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One of the things you see commonly in the blogging world is that most people that make income, do so by blogging about blogging. The reason is, most bloggers that have other types of sites don’t blog about their income. There is no reason to.

I am an avid pet owner and serial blogger. As of right now (June 2019) my pet blog has been the only blog that actually earns any real money. I don’t disclose my sites on this blog but this blog is for a whole type of pet. Think cat, dog, turtle, etc. It isn’t niched down beyond that so very generic.

When I first started this blog, I would just write about anything that interested me. That all changed in June 2019 when I joined my then latest blogging course. I finally stumbled upon a method that seems to make sense.

Because this blog has been my main blog and has some age to it, I’m going to attribute organic growth to the changes I have implemented based on the blogging course. The social (Pinterest) traffic I expect to increase as well which is awesome but my gauge for whether my blogging course is working is to track an increase in organic visitors/pageviews.

Combining Blogs

In June of 2019 this blog had a huge increase in pageviews. It went from 3794 in May to almost 11,000 in June. 30,000 pageviews is pretty much the magic number when it comes to baby blogs like this one. At that point, you should be able to switch from Adsense to MediaVine as your ad provider.

I realized I am very close, almost half way. I run another, smaller blog for the same species. This blog has been more niche specific. Think about it being site 1 = Dogs, site 2 = Rottweilers. The smaller site had almost 2,000 views in June.

I only post to the smaller site 1x a month or so and, since it is so related, I decided to combine the two sites. I completed that move on June 30, 2019. Realistically, the change was super small. 9 posts and 1 page were migrated. It took about a day because I improved the content as I moved it over, setup redirects, that kind of thing.

Starting July 2019 the stats are for both sites combined.

History of This Blog

2019 Stats

Keep in mind that I had a tracking code error that made pageviews ~double January and February. I don’t know what the actual page view count should have been for those months but for this chart I listed half of what Google reported.

2018 Stats

Total Pageviews for 2018 = 72,174*
Total Income for 2018 = $454.88

  • I discovered there was a tracking code error made around July 2018 causing pageviews to double 🙁 It wasn’t corrected until end of February 2019

2017 Stats

Total Pageviews for 2017 = 34,478
Total Income for 2017 = $118.36

2016 Stats

Total Pageviews for 2016 =50,209
Total Income = $61.58

2015 Stats

Total Pageviews for 2015 = 53,684
Total Income = $82.07

2014 Stats

Total Pageviews for 2014 = 20,897
Total Income=$0

2013 Stats

Total Pageviews for 2013 = 20,762
Total Income=$2.62

2012 Stats

February 25, 2012 – Blog Created

Total Pageviews for 2012 = 7,737
Total Income=$1.69

  • Feb – 54 Pageviews
  • Mar – 1,165 Pageviews
  • Apr – 785 Pageviews
  • May – 583 Pageviews
  • Jun – 423 Pageviews
  • Jul – 621 Pageviews
  • Aug – 632 Pageviews
  • Sept – 867 Pageviews
  • Oct – 911 Pageviews
  • Nov – 977 Pageviews
  • Dec – 719 Pageviews